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Our K-12+ in-classroom workshops can be tailored to your class' particular goals

Bring engaging and fun hands-on activities to your classroom...

No prep time, no clean up and no expensive equipment to purchase or maintain.

Most workshops require between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

For more details, just let us know: click here.

We can work with most budgets and tailor workshops according to your needs. Some workshops are available for as little as $10 or $15 per student. We can also help you apply for particular grants if needed.

Just contact us and we'll work from there.

* workshop adapted from the American Society for Microbiology

** workshop needing more than one session


K-4 5-7 9-12+
*Pond Scum: Investigating Microorganisms x x x
*Bacteria That Help and Hurt Cows x
*What microbe are you? x x
Public Health/Outbreak x x
*What Makes Flatulence x
* Microbial Discovery Box x x
*Taste Test: Can Microbes Tell the Difference x x
*“I Can’t Live Without You!” A Close-up Examination of Microorganisms Involved in Mutually Beneficial Symbiotic Relationships x x
 *Lean, Mean Information Machine: Using a Simple Model to Learn about Chromosomal DNA x x
 *Quantifying Marine Microbes: A Simulation to Introduce Random Sampling x x
 * Natural Selection x x
Putting Disinfectants to the Test x
Is It Clean or Just Unseen? Dirty Water and the Naked Eye x
”Build a Bacterium” Scavenger Hunt x
Quantification of Escherichia coli Contamination in Water  x
Modeling Concepts of 5’, 3’, Antiparallel and Complimentary in DNA Structure x
Evolution of a DNA Sequence Over Time x


K-4 5-7 9-12+
Extract your own DNA x x x
Electrophoresis principles x x
PCR principles x x

Cutting DNA (Restriction digestion basics)

x x
Basics of traditional cloning x x
DNA Fingerprinting or Crime Scene Investigation x x
DNA Barcoding x x
Bioinformatics 101 x x
Detecting GMO foods x
 **Bacterial transformation x