Everyone likes music... everyone likes movies... everyone likes some kind of art...why not science?...Is science really boring?

Just try it!


Want to learn more about biotechnology? We provide hands-on biotechnology workshops to schools and individuals.

Want to get your hands dirty? We provide space for DIY biologists.

Check out our growing list of workshops.

These workshops are accessible to educators, elementary, middle and high school students as well as college-aged students discerning a career in the life sciences. This can also prove valuable to unemployed or underemployed individuals interested in learning new skills, or just members of our community curious about life sciences.


Are you already a bioscientist? Have a small project you want to tackle? Just don't have enough time or students.We can help you...for free! Visit our "BIOrphan project" service description.

Our workshops will help making life sciences more accessible to the public, promote active learning and help develop students' imagination and creativity. This is not just "education in science" but "education through science"(1), that goes beyond just science literacy.



(1) UNESCO's "Current challenges in basic science education"

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A big "Thank You" to the Los Alamos Daily Post for sponsoring our Main Street Crowd funding campaign!




- Citizen science projects

- Hands-on training with our workshops accessible to the broad community

- After school and summer programs

- Authentic research experiences for students

- Teachers professional development

- In-classroom workshops

- DIY Biology

-We also bring the science conversation directly to the public...out of the classroom or the lab



What does an 8th-grader do on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Los Alamos, NM...

...DNA Fingerprinting, of course!!!

This group of students ranging from 8th-grade to 12th-grade test-drive our workshops. Their feedback help us design the best workshops possible!




We provide after-school programs, summer camps, up-to-date and tailored workshops

...we are also a mobile biotech lab :

We are available for schools for an in-classroom fun workshop of your choice!

We can discuss tailoring each workshop to your specific needs.


Here is an example of the kind of hands-on fun you can have with science:


Did you know that "exploratory workshops" can not only help with learning

but also help you decide what career to take on, saving you money and time in college.

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In the spirit of biotechnology education for all,

take a look at another way to bring the science conversation directly to the general public:




Have you heard of "DIY Biology" ? It may be a great way to ignite people's interest in science!

See more in the DIYBio section

For the full videos go to "What is Biotechnology" then "DIY Biology", on this website.



“ I beseech you to take interest in these sacred domains so expressively called laboratories. Ask that there be more and that they be adorned for these are temples of the future, wealth and well-being. It is here that humanity will grow, strengthen and improve. Here, humanity will learn to read progress and individual harmony in the work of nature..."

Louis Pasteur



We are a small Biolab, with a strong emphasis on hands-on teaching, community outreach and "citizen-science".