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Why our mission particularly matters

in New Mexico!

From "Innovation and Technology in the 21st Century - Creating Better Jobs For New Mexicans" (click here for the original document):

"New Mexico is a land of diversity of thought, culture, and people. Unfortunately, our economy is not so diverse. Government is the largest employer and most of the rest are retail, tourism related, or healthcare jobs. We are facing a serious workforce crisis in New Mexico: while we have relatively low unemployment, our per capita income is one of the lowest in the country.

We cannot compete in the new world economy if our jobs are still in the old world economy.

We must find new ways to stimulate high technology-based job growth so that we become a magnet for attracting new investment to the State. We must lead instead of follow."

"New Mexico ranks second in the nation in R&D intensity
New Mexico ranks second in Federal laboratory/campus funding
New Mexico ranks second in Federally performed R&D expenditures per capita

New Mexico has a planned commitment of more than $200 million in state funds to be invested
with resident venture capital firms. The total fund capital of New Mexico residents VC firms is
over $1.1 billion. Over a dozen VC firms are located here and the number of firms is increasing.
New Mexico has over 1,000 high-tech companies and is ranked eleventh in the nation in R&D.
New Mexico high-tech industry accounts for over 45,000 jobs with an annual payroll of over
$3.0 billion with average annual salaries of $47,665.
New Mexico ranks first in PhD scientists and engineers as a percentage of the workforce and sixth in the nation in science and engineering graduate students."

... yet, according to the Science and Engineering Readiness Index (SERI), which "focuses on how well high schools are educating students in physics and calculus", the state of New Mexico ranks "far below average" in science education (46 out of 50 states).

Also, according to the latest Department of Education high school-graduation-rate report, the state of New Mexico once again rates far below average (49 out of 50 states), with only 67% of ninth graders graduating in 4 years.

Despite the intense R&D, the state of the art facilities and the high percentage of PhD scientists and engineers, a large portion of the population has yet to discover or just be convinced that "science is cool".